Imporant Battery Information

  • All models come pre-charged when purchased, initial charging is not necessary when new.
  • Most electronic cigarette models that are rechargeable either blink or flash consistently when they require recharging.
  • Majority of Era3 electronic cigarette models have a shut off safety function on the battery. Either a 5 or 3 click on/off safety button. If you press continuously, it will shut down and vice versa.

For E-Liquid Refillable Models

  • Never drop e-liquid in the centre hole, always fill around the clearmiser.
  • The safest way to charge electronic cigarettes is via any means of USB port.
  • If you charge with a mains adapter pls do so at your own risk. (we advise not to charge with mains plug, especially if you are using third party charging devices)

 Concentrated e- liquid

  •  Always keep e- liquid stored safe and away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep locked at all times and out of reach from children at all times.
  • If contact with skin, was immediately with water
  • E liquid is HIGHLY TOXIC, treat with extreme care.     

Safety Advice

  • Do not overcharge.
  • Never leave on charge overnight.
  • Never leave unattended at any time while on charge
  • Do not overfill.
  • Do not over tighten the battery to the cartomiser.
  • Always use the correct charger that was supplied with the origional e cig kit.
  • Do not charge any electronic cigarette product for longer periods than specified (Timescales are displayed on individual manufacture specifications)
  • Era3 do not recommend charging electronic cigarettes via a mains adapter. We would advise that you  use a USB port where possible. Especially when an item is not supplied with a mains plug.
  • If mains plug is used, only use the one supplied with the e cig itself.. We advise that you do not use other third party accessories with Era3 products.


  • Hookah sticks are totally ZERO nicotine.
  • Vapour and water (water vapour) with real fruit flavours.
  • Dispose of safely after use.

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